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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cleaning flu – ehm... fever

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Forget the flu, and forget the fact that last night, for the first time in a week, I actually slept (like a stone, thanks to Nyquil – which is also to thank for my current hangover), but haven't quite made up for the rest of the week.
Forget the fact that I'll be taking Sarah to dance class this afternoon, and that I still have to workout how to get her home from her afternoon classes on Tuesdays, and have to finalize the Thanksgiving menu so I can make the weekly shopping list, and have to finish my "Cool Finds of the Month" post and decide exactly what to get for my dad for Christmas so I don't have to brave the holiday madness that takes over every online and real-world store after Thanksgiving.

Yes, forget all that. Because today I am starting my home makeover. No, I don't mean that I will be re-decorating every room and picking new fabrics and so on (although that would be fabulous, I love interior decorating) – no, I mean I plan on changing my home into a place where anyone can show up, any day, any time, and I can let them in without melting in shame at the sight of the mess everywhere, until I am reduced to a little puddle on the floor like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz.

Of course I've already made one fatal mistake, the same I make when starting a new diet: unrealistic expectations. But isn't is the dream of every organizing freak to have a house like that? A house where everything has its place and can be found immediately when needed, rather than having to be tracked down? A house where you can have unexpected guests at any time, and give them a tour of the house if the ask (or even if they don't ask but expect it, like in Switzerland) without having to lock and bolt the doors of the rooms where you stashed all the mess you took away from the rooms that are now somewhat presentable? No? Just me then?

Ok, fine. But still. I don't need the house to be magazine-worthy, but I would like the unexpected-guest thing. So instead of chosing one of the very very many self-help books for failed housewives available on Amazon, I chose to use the guide Simple Mom wrote. Afterall, "Spring Cleaning for Normal People" sounds like the right thing. I'm pretty sure I fall in the category of "normal people" despite my being kind of neurotic (yeah, I do know I said 'kind of'). And Simple Mom, like me, has experienced moving overseas with the family. (Yeah, I know I was messy before that. I'm just milking it. Try to keep up.)

So today I am starting with her guide. Ideally, I'd have a presentable house by Thanksgiving without having to kill myself doing the marathon-cleaning thing.

Yes, I am starting. Soon. Just as soon as I've checked my e-mail. And maybe had a cup of tea and watched Will & Grace. No, I am not procrastinating again! And if I am, it's just because typing this, trying to be all reasonable... it's actually killed my buzz. I know I can spark it up again if I make myself a cup of tea and start reading SCFNP again. Yes. That's what I'll do. And I promise to keep you posted on my progress. But I'm going to make tea now, so don't hold your breath. I live in Westchester, you know, I don't have to do things in a New York minute.


Marinka said...

I tried doing something like that once--I followed Flylady and then I almost passed out from the exertion and realized that it's easier never to have anyone over, ever! Good luck, though!

Carolyn @ momsontheedge said...

It's a big project, it's a good idea to take an hour or a month or two to mull it over. From one procrastinator to another. :)

I give you credit just for thinking about doing it! God knows my house could use a makeover of the same kind! Good luck.

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