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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nonsequitur (or just random, if you prefer)

Boy, was I crabby yesterday. Not totally over it, gotta say. Hey, it happens. Today of course the flu came back, and of course despite it being Sunday I couldn't stay home and sleep it off, instead I went to run some errands in the morning and then to a birthday party in the afternoon. It was lovely. Except for the screaming children and the annoying music. The cake did make it much more bearable, though. I tell you, chocolate cake cures all ills (especially the bad mood variety).

Just finished Julie & Julia. Didn't really like it. But maybe you will. Come get it before I leave it on a park bench ;-)

Read an interview on Entertainment Weekly with Robert Pattinson, the actor cast to play Edward in the much-anticipated Twilight movie. Apparently when the choice was first made public, there was an uproar from fans, who complained he wasn't good-looking enough or something. I though he was cute already in the Harry Potter movie, so I don't really get the problem – but then again, I haven't read the books. Anyway... I thought the interview made him sound like a bit of a twit. I wonder if that was the goal of the interviewer/EW correspondent or whatever, or if he really is like that. But then again, he is 17. Been there, seen (and dated) that. 90% of 17 years old boys are stupid at least some of the time, so we shoulnd't expect famous ones to be any different, right? It would be de facto discrimination, politically incorrect and all kinds of other bad stuff ;-)

I haven't been doing so well on my 100-Day Challenge Goals. I think I need a buddy. Or a coach. Someone to boss me around and tell me to get off my butt and get cranking on my goals. Because really, I can still make progress, even though the 100 days are now down to 45. Hey, 6 weeks is the perfect length of time for a makeover! And the makeover shows, they concentrate on houses and appearance, right? Well, actually I am ok with my general appearance, I would just like it to be less... round, I guess :-) The period approaching the Holiday Season is probably not the best time to start a new fitness/weight loss plan, but hey, there's no time like the present right? So... would you like to be the one bossing me around?

I have been thinking of changing my blog template and layout. I'd hire someone, except: a. I am a control freak and I may just drive that someone crazy; b. the best designers charge hefty sums for their work; c. I get bored fairly quickly and I'd hate to get bored quickly of something I was charged a hefty sum for. Much better to get bored of something I wen totally batty to make myself.

Tips? Input? All welcome (though I can't promise I'll listen). In fact, would you do me a favor and vote in the following poll? I know, I am a loser, posting polls about this stuff. My excuse if that I am feverish (barely) and out of it (often). Just vote, will ya? Come on, who doesn't like to tell people what to do? And now I am actually asking for it. You know you want to :-)


1 comment:

Jean V Pratt said...

You know what? I'm sick of Birthday parties on the weekend! I know that sounds bad, but there are so many - and the kids get a sugar high and then take it out on me later. I know, I know, it's the only time to have a party. I'm just venting! And you're right the best part is when I can actually have a piece of cake. It's all about the chocolate!

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