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Monday, September 22, 2008

Never too late for resolutions (and for chocolate, but that's for another post)

Tomorrow officially marks the last 100 days of 2008. Do you know what that means? That , and and generally with didn't-get-a-single-thing-done syndrome like myself will have a second chance to get some of those New Year's Resolutions done. Afterall, "the last 100 days of the year" does sound like one of those things that call for a new beginning of sorts, doesn't it? Like a brand new journal, or a wake-up call from the bathroom scale. Bittersweet, I know.

So this calls for goals. And a list. A list of goals. Is there anything more exciting? ("yes, plenty" is probably your response - however please consider that I am a SAHM with too little social interaction and an annoying penchant for lists).

So, let's proceed. This is what I want to accomplish in the next 100 days, before the year is over:
1. I want to my house and rejoyce in it's clutter-free beauty (oh, I am about to break into song), and then possibly keep it reasonably clean and tidy. Will that get me kicked out of ? Will I have to change my blog title? Hah! Come on. Even in the improbable scenario where I actually manage to become more proficient at housework, I doubt that I could ever come close to feeling comfortable sharing my home accomplishments with Martha Stewart.

2. I want to make exercise a daily habit again. Does that qualify as a SMART goal you think? Or should I say whether I'll be doing the TransFirmation series or yoga any given day?

3. I want to potty train Stella. No additional details required, I believe. Just wish me good luck.

4. I want to get my NY driver's license. (I can hear gasps and giggles.) Finally, right?

And how am I going to do the above, you ask? Well, getting off the pc would probably be a good start. Ha! fat chance. In fact, perhaps I should add "getting over my " to the list. Who am I kidding? That's going to take WAY longer than 100 days.

What would you like to accomplish before the year is over? Feel free to share in the comment section - and if you want to keep inspired (and maybe get someone else inspired!) feel free to grab this button.


The Stiletto Mom said...

I swear I'm going to start exercising again. Tomorrow. No, wait...I'm busy. Day after? Yes, that or Friday...well maybe I'll wait to next week.

Lisa said...

Love those shoes... I wish I could wear those but I have flat feet.. YUK!! I could walk in those for only 5 minutes!! BooHoo!!

Anyway, I wanted to know how do you add that drop down menu right next to the 125 button? Where you have the html code to have a link.

Please let me know.. I'm interested in link exchanges.

Thanks so much!

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