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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MIA: Blogroll

In an attempt to declutter this blog's sidebars (gotta start somewhere, and the blog seemed as good a place as any), I decided to start using the new Follow feature on Blogger and transfer all my favorite blogs to my "Blogs I follow" list. They are still there, only they will be visible on my profile instead of my sidebar.

I had to transfer them one by one and it was quite something, since I follow a lot of blogs. It was kind of a pain, to tell the truth. So in order to avoid other people having to do the same, I decided to add the "Followers" gadget to my sidebar, so you can just click on it and add me if you like - one less link to import manually. I had originally snobbed this gadget because I considered it showy, but now I realize it's actually practical. So there.

Thank you for your attention. We will now return to your regularly scheduled progr... ehm, I mean... blogging.


Ry said...

Ooo, I love the little gadget. I kinda want one for my blog now! Stupid movable type and it's tricky customizable ways!!

I am Amanda, I am the Queen Bee said...

Hi! You stopped by my blog awhile ago and this is the first chance I have had to visit yours! Thank you for the sweet compliments on my jewelry. I would love it if you linked to me. I have a button you can "grab" if you would like to. I will add you to my daily blogs I read. Come visit us again soon!


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