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Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogger, interrupted.

Had I slept better the last two nights, I would have sounded smarter here. Had I not caught a bad cold (or the flu?) from Stella (the source of my sleepless nights along with the cold) I might have followed my usual "I'll take blogging over a reasonable bedtime" and actually produced a decent post.

But since this germy foe is making me foggy and sleepy, I suppose I'd better make it short, to avoid falling asleep while typing and ending up publishing something that reads ajskhyho'213Y 0[4J{oq38w r180= 1u4-jYF 1UU13-R97 hfH077E TPWATUG-2]QT8 or something along those lines.

I didn't want to just skip it, because I gathered some tips and sale alerts I wanted to share with you - of course at the time I thought I would have been able to include them in a charming, funny post instead of just dumping them unceremoniously right there, but as Aaliyah said "Yo, I don't know what to tell ya". So without further ado or embellishment, here they are, my shopping notes:

- first things first: if you are getting ready for the Yoga Festival I told you about, make sure you check the Gaiam Outlet sale. They have yoga clothing, shoes and yoga bags, and also yoga props and videos at very affordable prices.

- Amazon has a great offer for parents of young babies: they call it the Amazon Baby Registry Promotionand it works like this: if you, your friends or your family complete $750 of purchases from your Amazon.com Baby Registry by September 30, 2008, you'll get six months of free diapers from Seventh Generation. How cool is that? You get the stuff you need AND free diapers. Read more about Seventh Generation diapers here.

- The iPhone 3G was big news and people are still talking about it - everybody has one. Personally, I was much more excited about the arrival of the new iPod Nano:
new design, new games, new features (shake to shuffle! flip it to view in landscape!), better picture resolution, lower price ($149 for the 8GB)and... 24 hours of battery life, ladies and gentlemen! (Take that, iPhone.) And to top that off, just check out these colors! If that doesn't make you giggle of excitement you have a black, black heart ;-)

- And now onto the girly stuff: spend $100 on beauty products at Neiman Marcus and you'll get a lovely crocodile-embossed tote filled with goodies for free. The offer is good online until Sept. 15 and in stores until Sept. 14.

- A mention of this is enough to temporarily revive me from my flu-induced semi-coma: TopShop finally launched their US site! And right on time for Kate Moss's autumn/winter collection!
To celebrate the launch of the US site, TopShop.com is offering free shipping on your next order using this code: USFREEPOSTAGETS01 when you checkout. The offer expires Sept. 18 - no time to waste!

- Need some new shoes for fall? Until Thursday, September 25th, save 20% on your order from SteveMadden.com with this code: EXTRA20. So what will it be? These below are my favorites:

And now, I have to say goodnight - I promise to resurface as soon as I get a break from this nasty cold!


Jana said...

I love, love, love your blog! Thanks so much for finding me and I'm so glad that I found you! I'll be back often!


Larissa said...

Thanks for the great shopping tips! And yes, the new iPod Nano is amazing. I can't believe its battery life!

WM said...

I left you a little love on my Thursday post (and yes I'm way too lazy to link to it) but it's not hard to find ;)

Maggie, Dammit said...

Ugh, you too??

It seems like everybody is sick, including me, and it's the worst bug I've had in a long, long time.


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