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Friday, April 3, 2009

It's ready!

There may be a few tweaks to make here and there, but I am ready to welcome you to my new place. Come on over!

Changes: the good, the bad, the lovely

The good:
Diary of an Unlikely Housewife is moving!! I have decided to go self-hosted WordPress, and with that, of course, goes a brand new domain name (yay!!) - soon you'll just have to type www.theunlikelyhousewife.com to get to see the fab purple heels on my header ;-)

The bad:
My "followers" widget will be installed on the WP blog too, but it'll go back to zero :-( Hopefully you'll decide to add me again (pretty please).

I hope that's all the bad will be, and I won't have to go through what Jill just went through to fatten her RSS feed subscriptions back up! 'Cause I don't have any diamonds to give away :-)

I will have of course to adjust all my links, but that won't be a bother to you, I promise.

The lovely:
Diary of an Unlikely Housewife is turning 1! April 15th marks the 1-year anniversary of my first blog post, and I'll be celebrating with multiple giveaways! At the new place, of course :-)

As part of the celebration, a few of my favorite bloggers will be guest posting – the more the merrier, right?

Stay tuned for announcements, as soon as next week!

Also, if I may share something non-blog related with you, we finally found a lovely apartment in Zurich, for after the move! It's perfect, with a playground outside, space for Sarah to ride her bike, a short train ride (15 minutes) to the center of Zurich but not in the middle of everything. And it's very close to the apartment we had before the move, which hopefully will help the girls re-adjust quickly.
Knowing we'll have a nice place makes the idea of moving away from NY a bit more pleasant, so while this may sound mundane, it's a big deal to us! (or rather, to me, since my husband would happily move to the Swiss countryside – my mountain boy!)

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