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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Someone else gets to enjoy Sex... and The City ;-)

Ever since my agenda went missing this past weekend (long story), I have been scrambling to rebuild my appointments for the next few weeks. And I knew that something was going to fall between the cracks, I just hoped it wasn't something important, especially something school-related. You know what it ended up being? Of course you do, because I've received a couple of nudges on this already: the announcement of the giveaway winner!

Diary of an Unlikely Housewife - Sex and The City movie giveaway

Random.org has spoken, and the Sex and The City Movie DVD goes to Tricia, of One-Stop Mom!

Congratulations Tricia!


bermudabluez said...

Congratulations One Stop Mom!! I LOVED the movie as well as all six seasons!! I'm definitely a fan!

MizFit said...

I am SO THE ONLY WOMAN who hasnt seen this.

that said I just finished candace bushnells latest book---LOVED IT!

1stopmom said...

Oh my goodness, i am so happy. I have watched the entire series but did not get a chance to watch the show. Yayy.

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