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Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Saturday: clean your fridge, get coffee, and for goodness sakes, don't lock yourself out

For those of you who didn't know it, today was National Clean Your Fridge Day – which, I am sorry, but comes up with these things? And when are they going to come up with a Global "Your House Is A Mess So Get Off The PC" Day? Because that I could actually get on board with. But anyway – do you think I cleaned my fridge today? No, of course not. What I did was spend 5 hours in a room with about 30 other people, for my Defensive Driving Course, or whatever it's called. It was actually not that bad, except I had no coffee. No. Coffee.

"Why, Elisa? Why would you go to a 5-hour class without coffee?" You may ask. (Or at least, the few of you who care may ask.) Ooooh, don't get me started. Or actually do. Because I am just dying to tell you about how I planned the whole morning perfectly so that I would have time to go to the Chiro, drop by Trader Joe's to get a sandwich and a smoothie to take with me for lunch, and then swing by Stabucks for a Grande Soy Vanilla Latte with an extra shot, and then arrive to the driving school 15 minutes before the class, and all without breaking a sweat.
To accomplish that, I moved our Saturday Chiro appointment from 9.20am to 8.30am, and got up early despite the fact that Stella woke me up at 4.30 again and didn't fall back asleep for over an hour, and that's only after I brought her into my bed and she twirled and pulled my hair for what felt like an eternity before falling asleep and almost pushing me off the side of the bed.

(Ooh, boo-hoo. Worse night have happened and people still got up. Yes. But ready to face a 5-hour class without coffee? Don't think so.)

So. Despite that, I got up, got ready, did my makeup and straightened my hair, got dressed and was out the door and at the chiro on time with the family. And miraculously, we were out of there at 9.30 and had plenty of time to go to Trader Joe's and do our stuff. We were out of there before 10 (!!) and getting ready to get our Starbucks drinks and maybe even drop by the house to pick up my cell, because we had plenty of time. THAT'S when my husband realized he had, once again, left the keys in the car. We were locked out. And THAT'S when the light drizzle changed into pouring rain, so I coulnd't even follow my first instinct, which was to walk to Starbucks with the girls and wait there, peacefully enjoying a lovely hot coffee drink, while my (obviously mommybrained) husband waited for the road assistance guy.

So instead of doing all the stuff I would have had time to do thanks to my planning ahead, I had to sit in Trader Joe's like a bag lady (with actual shopping bags! albeit reusable ones) waiting for the guy to show up, and then rush to the class. Without coffee. And once there, I sat down and watched as people trickled in, while the teacher explained that he was allowing late arrivals until 11.15 because of the weather.
I could have gotten my bloody coffee after all.
That's what you get for being polite.


kiki's said...

as they say.. 'when it rains..it pours'.. gosh! I salute you for managing the day sans coffee. I couldn't have done it.

Nancy said...

That sucks! I wouldn't be able to sit in a class that long without coffee.
I think your husband needs one of those janitorial type keychains where the keys stay attached to his side!
And that would be me -- cut short what I need to do to get somewhere on time only to find out I could have been a little late and it would be ok.

lori said...

That totally sucks! But it's over now.

And as for the national clean your fridge day...who DOES make this crap up? (Does Hallmark make a card for that--it's not written on my calendar so it's not a real "day").

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