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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Into the wild

Today was a lovely day. And if that sounds sappy, please consider that my Saturdays are usually spent running errands and cleaning. Instead, let's revisit what happened today:

Good stuff:
- I went to the movies with my daughter Sarah.
- I bought a cute pair of boots on sale.
- We went to see the Holiday Boat Parade at Stamford Harbor.
- I got a great adjustment at my weekly chiro visit, which got rid of my backache.

Not-so-good stuff:
After the great adjustment I found out that the stupid insurance company kept my lovely chiro waiting for 5 months before ultimately declining coverage for the last 5 months of treatment. If it wasn't for the fact that I try to keep this blog PG13, I would share a few colorful adjectives that go with said insurance company in my head.

Still, you can't make one thing ruin your entire day, so I choose to look more closely at the first list (which is longer, anyway).

My favorite part of the day was definitely spending time with Sarah. We never get to do stuff, just the two of us. Today Stella stayed home with daddy so Sarah and I could enjoy some time together, and we went to see Madagascar 2. We are huge fans of Madagascar, so I was just as excited as she was – in fact, I even attached some Madagascar character dog tags to my bag, while Sarah refused to go out wearing them, concerned that she might look ridiculous. I obviously had no such concerns.

We loved the movie – it reminded me a bit of Shrek, the way the humor appealed sometimes to the kids, other times to adults, and most often to both. Sarah of course had a better idea than I did about the movie before we even entered the theater, since she has seen the preview and played the game several times already.

Yes, she played the game before watching the movie. Originally I had planned on going to the movies first and giving her the game after, but she had a stellar couple of weeks at school, getting three good grades in a row; and then, the day before Thanksgiving, she went through her very messy room and re-organized and worked until it was perfectly tidy. So come on, she deserved a reward – hence the Madagascar 2: Return to Africa Wii game!
And she really loves it. All weekend she has used her TV time/PC time to play the game, and is still super-excited about it. I think it's perfect for her age. It consists mostly of mini-games, which I think are better to keep children interested; and of course being a Wii game, it isn't exactly stationary :-)

It contains lots of action but no violence, and because it revolves around cartoon characters it keeps those watching entertained as well – Stella seems to think so at least! She just sits and watches her sister play, and laughs and laughs. I tell you, I don't know many things that can keep them BOTH entertained for a while, and anything that accomplishes that is a plus in my book ;-)

If you got this far despite not knowing what the heck I am talking about because you have never seen Madagascar, I gotta tell you, I am truly flattered that you find me this interesting, but really – you need to get off the pc and go rent Madagascar. Go on. Especially if you are a New Yorker. Just go. I know very well it's a cartoon, thank you very much – but don't let that stop you. Otherwise I'll send Gloria to sit on you.

And if you don't get that, it's because you haven't seen the movie yet ;-)

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