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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lucky Shops... oh yes she does!

On Friday, as planned, I met my friend PJ and we made our way to Lucky Shops. Contrary to what you might expect however, I didn't show up really early, bracing myself for several hours of marathon shopping. After being warned by a friend who had attended last year's event that most of the merchandise would be "cheaper than usual, but still pretty expensive" I had decided to follow my organizing-freak instinct and had already planned (almost scheduled) my purchases for the approaching holiday season; so I was going mainly in an investigative capacity, so to speak, and using the fact that I had won the tickets as excuse to have a girl's night out. Of course I am only human, and I'm a girl, so I left ample room for the possibility that I'd find something I simply must have (and could afford), and I took a credit card with me anyway.

We showed up a little before 5 p.m. (closing time was 7 p.m.) and started making our rounds. Here's a summary.

Lines & crowds: Doors opened at 10 a.m., but as I said we didn't show up until a little before 5 p.m., so I can't testify to the lines and crowds before then. But I can tell you that I was VERY impressed with the venue (Metropolitan Pavillion, in Chelsea) - it was airy, well-organized; the bar, the ottomans, everything perfectly placed so as to be easily accessible but not in the way, not to disturb the flow of shoppers. Impressive.

Cocktails/drinks and food: Beer, cocktails - including a delicious one with tangerine juice - bottles of Coke and Diet Coke free for the taking, as well as the newest iced coffee drinks by POM. Miniature Larabar fruit-nut bars, 100-Calorie Packs of Ritz crackers and Cheese Nips.

Gift bags: No giftbags, really - unless you count the miniature shopping tote from Shop Rock & Roll containing a Chevy notebook and a sample of Benefit "That Gal", which you got after taking a survey at the Chevy Maliboutique.
Other freebies:
- full-size Garnier Nutritioniste products (Skin Renew face moisturizer and Nutri-Pure Gel Cleanser), and skin consultation at the Garnier Nutritioniste booth;
- a sample of Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer and free shipping on the next purchase at the Benefit online store (use code LUCKYYOU) valid through tomorrow, November 11;
- a 25% online discount from Lizzie Scheck Jewelry using code LSJ25;
- a free silver Nintendo DS pocker mirror, exactly like the pink one I got at Shecky's Girls Night Out;
- free consultation with stylist Danna Weiss.

Merchandise and discounts: lovely clothes, jewellery and shoes, for the most part. Mostly designer. Prices were discounted, some even affordable, but not cheap. Example:
- Foley + Corinna city clutch, $220 (retail price $440)
- Chloe suede wedge boots originally priced at $1,150, 50% off at LuckyShops
- MINT by Jodi Arnold top, $138 (retail price $308)
- And these gorgeous Kate Spade peep-toe pumps, $135 (retail price $328), which I definitely would have bought if it wasn't for the fact that I have 3 brand-new pairs of peep-toe pumps that I have yet to wear, just sitting prettily in my dresser.

A few highlights:
- Shoes, bags and accessories from (as in: worn on) Project Runway.

- Conscious Jewelry by Danna Weiss: gorgeous necklaces. Thick gold-plated chains with perfectly shaped and polished crystals and gems, each related to a specific chakra. Designer Dana Weiss describes her line as "metaphisically designed and eco-conscious" and recommends choosing your pieces carefully, based on what you are drawn to the most, because that is the stone covering the area where you need to restore balance. This may sound ridiculous, but after following the instructions and putting on the chosen stone, I believe there is something to this.

- The Denim Bar was definitely brilliant. Several brands, all priced under $100 (discounted) and a Singer station where you could get your newly purchased denims hemmed for free. Smart thinking, Lucky!

- The Botkier booth was a thing of beauty. Lots of gorgeous bags and shoes in different sizes, models, colors and materials. When even a nylon bag feels and looks so rich and luxurious and you find yourself preferring it to more expensive leather handbags, you know that's a label to go for.

As closing time approached, the deals started popping up. A few we noticed:
- Siegerson Morrison flats for $30
- Rafe New York peep-toe flats for $30
- Gucci sunglasses for $90
- knee-high Dr.Martens patent combat boots for $60

That, of course meant that just as we were trying on shoes, the event ended and we were left to watch the booth attendants add more styles to the shelves for those same low prices, in preparation for Saturday's "Shop-a-thon" (Lucky's words, not mine).

Which is pretty smart when you think about it, because PJ and I were actually tempted to purchase a Saturday ticket and return the day after, to do some actual shopping. But since we were exhausted after only 2 hours and we had taken it pretty easy, we figured we woulnd't enjoy the "last man standing"-like atmosphere that was probably going to characterize the Saturday Shop-a-thon, so we decided to let it go - PJ had scored a lovely pair of leather pumps

A word of caution: if you ever plan on attending any such events and do a day of marathon-shopping, don't stop until you get home. Don't even sit. If you do, you might end up falling asleep, surrounded by your shopping bags, in an inappropriate place where you might be filmed and/or photographed. Don't believe me? Scroll down.

Told you ;-)

P.S. Didn't make it to LuckyShops? Don't be sad. Bluefly is now making the fabulous clothes and accessories from LuckyShops availalble online!


Jean V. Pratt said...

Now that I'm seeing it - I wish I had gone! I just like looking at all the product.

kiki's said...

omg! that picture is HILARIOUS!!!! :-) shop till you doze off! hahah! poor thing!! Ooooh!! and all those shoes! *sigh*... we definitely need to do a night like that when I'm next in NYC!

lori said...

Oh man that looks like fun but so much to look at. I can see why it's so tiring.

(I have some awards for you, so swing on by Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife and pick them up.)

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