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Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Disneyed out

Yup, that's me. After 5 days spent almost entirely at Walt Disney World, I felt like Disney was going to swallow me whole. It was really fun but very tiring! I am very happy to be back home, especially since I managed to actually get a cold while there, despite the heat.

I really shouldn't complain though, we had a blast!

Don't worry, I won't do a long, detailed post about our trip to Orlando. If you want to see pictures though, I have uploaded a bunch here - not all 180 we took, mind you – but the 51 I did upload are probably plenty :-)

I am so excited about being home and about going to Lucky Shops in 2 weeks, that I decided to host a giveaway.

See that? I'm giving away a copy of the Sex and The City movie! All you have to do is post a comment telling me what your favorite post was. I have been blogging for a few months now and I'd love your input! So please comment away.

You can get additional entries for posting about this giveaway on your blog, website, MySpace page or whatever you call your cyber home!
1 entry for blogging about it
1 entry for posting the graphic on your sidebar
(please post a separate comment for each additional entry)

Off I go now. Luggage is not going to unpack itself!

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to take a nap or watch TV and sip some hot tea and tro to get rid of this cold.

I almost forgot: the giveaway ends on November 2, 2008 at midnight E.S.T. Good luck everyone!


The Mom said...

AHHHH!! Sorry, I haven't purchased the movie yet, so cool!! ;)

My fave post of yours is

because we are so much alike! ;)

Thanks for the chance!

The Mom said...

You are now gracing my sidebar!! Thanks so much again for the chance!!

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

I love Disneyland.

It's a small world is my favourite ride.

Will read more posts and let you know.

Allison said...

Welcome home! 5 days??? I give you a lot of props. I think I have 3 in me. :)

Larissa said...

Five days at Disney? That's insane.

lisa said...

Hey.. I am writing a post about your giveaway right now. I am also posting your link on my sidebar. I absolutely loved the movie so to have a chance of winning the dvd is exciting to me. I would love to have a copy of my own. One of my fave posts from you was this one: http://unlikelyhousewife.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-think-i-created-monster-or-someone.html
- Your daughter is so cute and those shoes are just HOT!! I just wish I knew how to walk in heels like that.

Insane Mama said...

I'm IN! I never saw the movie, so I need to win. I do... Sorry everyone else...

Heather said...

LOVE the movie!!!
I always enjoy Cool Finds for the Month. It's nice to have a list of things to check out... There have been things that I would never have thought of checking before til I saw it on the list.


Ginny said...

I've been wanting to see this! I love your blog name, we must have a lot in common, lol. I really like the cool finds post & all the fun shopping posts.

Bettina said...

I really liked your September post-Cool Finds of the month.
I feel like you-how do I find the time for all of my pc'ing!

sphinx63 said...

I loved your post titled "I'm back and more opinionated than ever!" Thanks!

beckyray said...

Procrastinators of the world unite!... tomorrow. I think you must be my secret twin :) Becky Ray scully_49441@yahoo.com

Kimberly said...

The post about the "Super Make Over" was so cool to watch!!! I had to watch it a couple of time (wish they could make look that good...LOL!!!). That is one of my favorite ones because I am fascinated by that video.

I never got a chance to see "Sex and the City" in the theater, and I haven't rented it yet (too much of a "chick flick" for hubby's taste... ha ha ha) so this would be great! I love the series and I'm sure the movie is just as great. Besides, I'm dying to know if Carrie marries Mr. Big or not.

Thanks for the giveaway!

HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

apple said...

I love your blog post "Let's talk about Barbie"! Thank you for this giveaway.

applez_55 at yahoo dot com

Raquel said...

I love the Cool finds of the Month Blog...every month. Sex in the City the moveiw was awesome. I've saw it twice in the theatre.

megankortepeter said...

Oh, I really want to win this. I haven't seen it yet. And my fave pat of your blog is always Cool Finds for the Month.

Naomi said...

Let's Talk About Barbie... my daughter, too.

Kata said...

Keep the giveaways coming! Maybe I'll win something one of these days.

sarah said...

i loved reading your "let's talk about barbie" post!

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

Tenakim said...

I saw the movie and it left me a blubbering fool and I could watch it 100 more times and am praying for the sequel. My favorite would also be Who is the Unlikely Housewfe. I am right there with you- often blog about the same sentiments and I always love to read people's first blog to get to know who they are!

I am putting this on my sidebar now- maybe it will make me cry!

piece of me said...

I liked the post "I think I created a monster... ". It was too cute!
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

AmandaSue said...

I liked your post "Is that a challenge?" Aug. 29th. Some of it was similar to how I feel sometimes so it was nice to know there are others out there who sometimes feel that way.

fae said...

i liked Men in tights and turkey legs! i like posts w/ pictures!

Jenna said...

I like the post about 5 days at disney. I can't imagine...are you crazy girl?!? Great giveaway!

Brooke said...

"Teaching Responsibility" on Aug. 27 was a really helpful post.

1stopmom said...

I like the messy organizing freak post. I am that way. I like things to be done a certain way and it make absolute sense to me to do them that why. My husband has been exposed to this for 13 years and still does not under stand how to put the towels away or my method for laundry day!


sheriamore said...


Here is my favorite so far just becuase as I write this, my house is so messy! I'm supposed to be cleaning but my baby keeps crying and then I get a headache! I want to be clean all the time but I have so much trouble!


sheriamore said...


Here is your button on my blog


sheriamore said...


Here I blogged about this great giveaway


SuburbanGypsy said...

Can you believe I still haven't seen this movie? What kind of Sex in the City fan am I? Sigh.

Here comes the Sun. The henna tat! I loved it. There was a period about 10 yrs ago that I did henna tats on my hands and wrists. I used to get in so much trouble at work for them. Oh well. They are beautiful :)

Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

thesuburbangypsy [at] gmail [dot] com

SuburbanGypsy said...

ahh yes, before I forget. Your button is in my sidebar :)

Thanks again!

Rockin' Mama said...

Decòr me gorgeous, said the room

is my favorite post!

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

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