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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's Something about MeMe

Oh yes. I have been tagged repeatedly in the past few weeks – I think it has less to do with people wanting to know more about me and more with the fact that there are so many MeMes going around the blogosphere that we are quickly running out of people to tag – but hey, 3 TAGS people. Three. I can't ignore it any longer.

No, I haven't been ignoring it. I don't LOVE being tagged, so I have been procrastinating (which is totally different from ignoring, thank you very much)... and as it often happens, procrastinating turned into forgetting about it completely. Ooops. Well, I remembered now, thanks to a post on one of my favorite blogs, so here we go:

I was tagged by
Tina (Mummified Times Five), Leah (Bookieboo) and Kelly (Per Se) so I decided to combine all the MeMes into one where I'll share 7 things about me and then tag 7 more people on Twitter *insert evil grin here*

1. My husband is Swiss and I am Italian; I lived in Switzerland for 9 years but got my Swiss citizenship last year (after I had already moved to the US).

2. My mom isn't super-excited about the fact that I got Swiss citizenship, and every time someone mentions that I am Swiss, too, she blurts "But Italian, FIRST!!!". Yeah mom, whatever, chill.

3. I love them, but I rarely buy designer clothes because I get bored so quickly so I prefer things with a shorter shelf-life so as not to feel guilty; however since moving to NY I have become almost obsessed with Michael Kors. Which isn't to say I buy his clothes all the time - I'm saving that for when I lose weight. Which brings me to:

4. I am plus-sized. There, I've said it. But don't think for a moment that I go around with oversized tees and sweats. I may be big, but I'm still fabulous. Most of the time.

5. I love Italy and enjoy going back home, but if I had to pick a place that feels like home, Italy wouldn't be it. It would probably be Switzerland (the Zurich area to be precise). Swiss people may bug me at times, but boy, it's a lovely place to live.

6. However if I had to pick a place to live after we leave the US, it would be London. Or, if I could pick another place in the US instead, Boston.

7. I love heels and if I didn't have to run after Stella I would wear them ALL the time. But my husband, who is nearly 6'5'' and can cover a Manhattan block in 3 steps with those long legs of his, gets annoyed when I can't keep up because of my shoes (like I could otherwise - I am 5'6'', buddy!!), so I don't wear high heels as often as I'd like.

So now, let's pick the next victims, shall we?
Mrs. Mogul

Now tell me something about YOU!


Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

Thanks for playing along, Elisa :) When I get bombarded with tags/memes, I sometimes write "If you haven't been tagged and want to play along, let me know". That way I'm still participating (but cheating a bit...lol)

Maggie, Dammit said...

*slinks slowly out of the room hoping nobody noticed she was there*

Angie Atkinson said...

Great post. Gives me a bit of insight into who you are. You seem like someone I'd like to know. :) Have a fabulous day! xoxo

Vico said...

Ciao Elisa,
What the... I suppose I should be writing in English since everyone around here is American (including YOU! Hehe!). It would be a bit rude if I were all of a sudden blurt out a comment in Italian.
Anyway, when I last looked for you, you had disappeared. I was on the verge of calling up your pop an mom to know whatever had happened to you. Then I got a much better idea and I googled you name. How in heavens did you wind up in NY? If you have Skype we can have a talk and FREE update. :)
By the way, I live in Italy in a lovely place. Where did YOU live to say that Italy is NOT a place where to live?? :D

Elisa said...

Oh, crap, you found me. Now I can't write about you. ;-)

Italy is DEFINITELY a lovely place to live - it just doesn't feel like home. Neither does Copenhagen, though ;-)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I wish I was as globally inclined as you- how cool! I, too, love heels. I am also 5'9 so I only wear them on certain occasions... like, bourbon street. =)

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