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Monday, November 3, 2008

I'll take the chocolate clouds, please

Emerging Angel
photo by Ana June

I was on the train yesterday, on my way home from a lovely brunch with Jax and PJ, and there was a girl in front of me who was having a fairly loud conversation on her cell phone. Among other things she shared with her friend (and many other people on the train) was how she visited the M&M store for the very first time. "I thought I had died and gone to heaven" she said. Hmmm. I have been there (the M&Ms store, not heaven) and... really? Heaven?
Don't get me wrong, I get the feeling, and I get that there are triggers for that feeling, even when expressed by using such trite choice of words. A fabulous shoe sale? Yes. A peaceful couple of hours to do yoga, read a book, sip a cup of tea and chill? Yes. The heavenly chocolate-chocolate mousse cake with vanilla icing we got for Sarah's birthday? Most definitely YES. The M&M store? No. Really not. Of course it's a matter of taste, I realize that. Which made me think of what "heaven"* would mean to different people.

Now, of course the idea of heaven is highly subjective. For some it's naked maidens and rivers of honey and milk. For some it's viking warriors. For some it's choirs of angels. There's tons of ideas and opinions about heaven. Wouldn't it be great to create your own custom-made heaven experience?

My heaven would be half-Sephora, half Whole Foods – there would be luscious makeup AND luscious food everywhere. There would be lots of music, all fitting my mood and taste – which of course would mean that there'd be no country whatsoever (except maybe some vintage Jewel), no jazz and positively no Christian rock – sort of like a virtual iPod. There would be chocolate-covered clouds – but not everywhere, because you wouldn't want to get your clothes dirty (although unlike other places, my heaven wouldn't have an all-white dress code). And there would be no cars, everyone would walk everywhere. And it would always be late spring, sunny but not too hot. Also, I would be naturally thin in heaven – despite the chocolate-covered clouds.

So now, unless you are afraid of joining me in the "those who will soon be struck down by a lightening bolt" club, feel free to share your idea of heaven.

* only as it applies to the above trite expression, not literally.

Note: this post is not meant to offend or trivialize anyone's religious beliefs. It's all in jest :-)


Nancy said...

For me heaven = Patisserie in Paris (any one, I don't care which!)

kiki's said...

ooh tough one! So many delightful fantasies. Hmm, maybe if I could just swim in a sea of Fendi bags? Have a constant flow of Leonidas white praline chocolates delivered to me by private jet....zat would be niiiice! Oh and throw in a private island in the tropics with no mosquitoes for my private and personal use, make it Necker Island shall we?... I do love your chocolate clouds, so I might have to borrow one of them now and then :-)

MizFit said...

and how sad that we need to clarify the jest nowadays huh?

totally made me laugh.

Carolyn said...

Wait... there's an entire store devoted to M&Ms? People actually like M&Ms THAT much??

My idea of heaven... Somewhere with cheese that doesn't make you fat and wine that doesn't make you drunk (fun tipsy, but not obnoxious & bleary eyed), and clothes that flatter "childbearing hips." Ahh. Heaven.

Michael J. Prtt said...

you and Jean are so similar! I now have to give more thought to my idea of heaven. It's also devoid of Christian Rock, though I admit to liking Amy Grant (shhhhhhhh)

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