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Monday, August 18, 2008

SELF is neurotic too

The latest issue of SELF magazine has been sitting on the kitchen table for over a week. This is highly unusual, since I am constantly looking for something to read, and I love getting my magazines, because it's like a surprise every time I get one.
Ok, I'm not slow, I realize if I am subscribed they come every month, but I like getting stuff in the mail, it's the adult version of the "Santa was here!" thing, I guess: you know he's coming, but it's still really exciting when you see the presents.

Anyway, so it's been sitting there for a week, in part because I already had something to read which I was really enjoying, in part maybe because with my father visiting we have been indulging a bit more than usual in rich foods and I didn't feel like being reminded of what I should really be eating because that would send me on a guilt trip. And I think part of it is also that this year I have subscribed to way too many magazines: part was my doing, but some I got for free, like Home, Parenting, Shape. Except I also get InStyle and Self, and my husband is subscribed to Entertainment Weekly. So now we no longer place magazines in the mail basket but on the kitchen console, and there is a pile of stuff to be read from when we were gone this summer. And now I am feeling... not eco-friendly at all.

But I digress: this morning at breakfast I finally opened SELF (which this month came with a copy of Fashion Rocks) and below Jennifer Lopez (who is remarkable good shape - didn't she just have twins?) I saw it: "The list issue" it said, with a check mark next to the title. "This should be good" I thought. Because really, I love nothing better than a nice list - it makes you feel like you have things under control and know exactly what is going on and what to do next. Of course in my case the stuff on the list doesn't always get done. In fact I am almost scared of making lists now. It's almost as if I am jinxing it by writing it down.

I am not the only one though: Kelly loves lists too - check out one of her Listy McListerson posts. Ah, it feels so good to know I am not alone. In fact, I'm not even the most neurotic. Check out this website and tell me. I mean WOW. *index finger twirls near temple* See? I'm not so bad afterall.


Ry said...

Ooooo, I love listy mc-listerzson. Yay, yet another blog to add to the feeder.

You know what my problem with lists is? My accomplishment pretty much ends there. Write list, congratulate self for writing list, forget about list.

Kelly said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out of my neuroses! lol

I've always wanted to subscribe to People. A new magazine EVERY WEEK! Can you imagine? It'd be like Christmas every Friday. Except People costs over $100/year. :P

Mrs. Mogul said...

I have to make lists now or I'll forget. I subscribe to marie claire and vanity fair, both I never have time to read!

Christina Lee said...

I HAVE to make lists or I will never get anywhere. But then I see the things to get done on the list and start panicking- a never-ending cycle.

Jennifer said...

My mags are on my coffee table. Two hefty piles of them. Maybe if I got off the computer once in a while, I'd get one read...

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