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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cool finds - Baby edition

Babies, babies everywhere! My little niece Rita was born on Wednesday*! Everyone I know seems to be pregnant or a new parent.** In her honor, I decided to center this "cool finds" post around babies and tots.

Part 1: gifts to celebrate baby's arrival

Birthday Keepsake print: this is so gorgeous and girly! It will be customized with baby's name, date of birth and weight. I don't normally like these things, but this one is a lovely painting. Since you are at it, take a look around Dimples and Dandelions: they have gorgeous things! (OMG, I thought I was SO OVER the diaper bag obsession, until I saw this Fleurville tote)

A pair of good-quality, stilish shoes like these Lauren Pediped baby shoes is always fun to buy and fun to get. I don't like loafers, but these are just the cutest. And Pediped is well known for being good quality, fashionable, soft and comfy for little feet. Robeez are a good pick, too. When Stella was younger, we absolutely loved their booties.

If you prefer to go more traditional, I love this Welcome Wagon and this Wicker Baby Rocker, as well as this smaller (and more affordable) gift set. All of them are available in pink, blue and unisex yellow and green.

If mom and dad are eco-conscious (or if you are and want to bring them on board), this colorful organic bamboo mini bowl and utensils would make a lovely gift, especially when paired with a copy of Green Babies, Sage Moms and a cute organic cotton onesie. Or you can add little gift for the new mom with a bottle of organic body butter by Earth Mama-Angel Baby.

I think it's a really nice thought to get something for the new mom; the attention always shifts to the new baby, but the mom deserves some pampering too. Blooming Lotus makes sustainable gift baskets that look pretty and smell delicious.
If mom practices yoga or has expressed interest in it, she would probably love a Dali Mama raw silk yoga bag accompanied by a good postnatal yoga DVD.

And if you want to go one step further, bring dad a bottle of this Ceago Sauvignon Blanc, which is made from organic and biodynamically grown grapes. A great gift that is also eco-friendly.

Part 2: recommended items for parents of little ones

1. A diaper clutch is a must have for a mom/dad on the go. Just pop diapering essentials in it and put it in your bag, or leave one in the car. I prefer the ones that unfold into a changing mat, because I am kind of a germophobe when I'm out. I love my OiOi one! The Skip Hop Pronto Changer is pretty similar. If you like to have things that are personalized or customized, look no further than this Quick Trip Organizer.

You can also choose a more polished, less baby-like look and go for this patent changing clutch. And if daddy wants his own, this is a good pick.

2. A good carrier can make your life soooo much easier! The problem is: there are too many, it's impossible to choose. So go to The Baby Wearer, which is a very friendly community where you'll find descriptions of the different types of carriers and tips on how to choose the one that's right for you. My personal favorites:
- The Moby Wrap for newborns and young babies: it's soft and cuddly, it comes in some really nice colors (and a matching pouch to fold it into) and it's made of stretchy fabric, so it has a much smaller learning curve than most wraps. It's also very affordable.
- A pouch or ring sling for quick outings. I like to have one always in the car or in my bag so I don't need to take the stroller with me for quick shopping trips. My favorite ones are the Mamma's Milk adjustable pouches, Peanut Shell fitted pouches and a ring sling I got custom-made by Beth of DrewBaby Designs.
- A Mei tai carrier for walks, hiking trips, or just to replace the Moby Wrap once baby becomes too heavy for it. I absolutely recommend you get a Babyhawk: really comfortable, lots of colors and patterns, lots of options. Not only it's worth the money, it's worth more.
If you aren't fond of the straps, perhaps a Beco will suit you better.

3. Whether you're nursing or bottle feeding, these items are a must to keep mom comfortable and baby safe.

So there you have it! If you have any questions or special requests for a future edition of the weekly Cool Finds post (baby-centered or otherwise), please share in the comment section. Also let me know how you liked this one!

* Rita is actually my cousin's daughter, but it's as close to being an aunt as it goes for me, since I am an only child

** excuse me while I pull out my handy dandy baby dust deflector


tags-n-stones said...

Great list! I will pass it along to my friend who just had a newborn last week. My little guy just turned four. sigh. it goes fast. To toot my own horn, I'd like to add a stylish hand-stamped necklace with new baby's name on it, from my collection, to the list :)

Beth Ramsay said...

Thanks for the mention, Elisa! I'm so glad you're enjoying your ring sling!

Mrs. Mogul said...

I have the Peanut Shell sling! I still have to watch the DVD that comes with it! Thanks for the links I will check them out!

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