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Friday, August 29, 2008

Is that a challenge?

Sometimes I feel like such a loser. I used to be able to do a million things at once, take care of everything and everyone, have all my work tracked and organized so I could tell you exactly where everything was at, in the blink of an eye. I sent books to press, slept little, but loved my job; the hectic lifestyle quickly became second nature to me and I even managed to get married right in the middle of a big project. That was me. I was, by all accounts, a powerhouse (or a bulldozer, as some called me).

This makes it all the more shocking that I can't keep on top of things now that I am a mom. The house, the homework, the tantrums, the cooking, plus exercise, study and personal enrichment, getting enough sleep, making time for beauty-related tasks, socializing (on the web and off)... aaaargh!

What happened to me? Sometimes I wonder. Then I remember that taking care of little people is not like managing tasks to be done; you cannot put them on hold and organize them in the order you want for efficiency purposes. Children are people, they get hungry, thirsty, tired, bored, they want to play, they want to cuddle. And why shouldn't they? Isn't that what we (parents) are here for?

Aaah, so THAT's what happened to me. I became a mom. Ok. But apparently there are moms who can do it all: take care of the kids, keep the house clean and tidy, socialize, and look fabulous while doing it. Honestly. Are they lying? Do they really exist, these mythical creatures? Are they really that good, or are they pretending? Because I don't get how you can find enough hours in the day to clean the whole house, exercise, take care of the kids (meals, naps, diapers, homework, etc), cook wholesome meals, read a book, and find time to wax your eyebrows and legs in between. I mean, seriously. HOW?

Be as it may, it's that time again. I already told you how every now and then I get a burst of renewed motivation to become a domestic goddess. Yup, I'm on a mission - again. Only this time I decided to put my anal-retentive, super-organized control freak self on a time-out and take things slowly instead. If I can't get everything done, I will concentrate on the most important things and shoot for just getting those done every day. Everything else is a bonus. But this begs the question: what are the most important things to do each day?

That was already sending my head spinning, while I mentally compiled lists and put the tasks in order of priority, then timed them, then... oh boy, I was getting out of control already. So I did what I always do when I need some level-headed advice. I asked my husband. What are the most important things to get done? He said without an ounce of uncertainty "kitchen and living room". "What about the bathroom? The bedrooms?" I asked. "We can do those together in the weekend." "But you already do the laundry in the weekend." "That's ok, I can do something else in between loads and then we can have a folding party." (Yeah, I know, he's awesome. And he's mine! Cue evil laugh.)

So then he asked me what are the most important things to me, aside from taking care of the girls. I said "exercise" then added "making time to make lunch and eating it sitting down even when I'm alone". "Good" he said, and then added "so now add making time to study for your driver's license and you've got your list". (Yeah, I don't have a driver's license, in Switzerland the public transport is so great you don't really need one. That, and also I failed the exam once and have been procrastinating ever since.)

So now I have my list. Except I feel like I should add stuff to it. But I won't. I will just concentrate on getting my things done every day and try to make it a habit, both for me and for Stella - I'll keep her in the room with me when I exercise or clean, and hopefully in 3 weeks she will be used to it.

Part of me is saying "yeah, good luck with that" but I'm trying not to listen to that. But you know what would help? Knowing that someone is doing this with me. Anyone? (I'm kind of hearing an echo).

Ok fine, be like that. But just in case you wanted to join me in my personal challenge and also pick 4-5 things you want to make a habit of, here's a cool gadget I found: the ToDo List from Google Gadgets.

Come on, don't make me beg.

Alright, if you decide to join me, you know where to find me.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have hubby who folds laundry on weekly basis!

I was never an organised person myself, and now having a toddler I'm actually in total chaos LOL!

That google to do task is cool, but I'm more of scribbling-it-on-a-piece-of-paper-and-loost-it-at-the-end-type-of person LOL! Hmm.. maybe I should really try that google gadgets! :)

Maggie, Dammit said...

I do NOT believe those moms exist. I think they are a marketing myth created to get me to buy a whole shitload of rubbermaid organizing bins.

And I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Mayet said...

I thought I could do it all, but having a very active baby of 9 months is not an easy task, so most of the time I ended up with so many ironing to be done. so just recently, I made my weekly plan and though I still have more ironing left, so far I have done most of my listed chores. It could be really frustrating when the floor isn't vacuum and my baby's crying for attention, but first thing first and of course the baby is the priority.goodluck to you!!

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