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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ah, the pride in shameless self-promotion

Have you been to my cooking blog lately? Probably not. Because it was closed for renovation! (And probably also because there wasn't much to warrant special visits.)

No more. Unlikely Housewife in the Kitchen is re-opening, with a new look and a fresh take on where to go with yet another cooking blog. And I'm hosting my first giveaway! Go check it out.

It's ok, I'll wait right here.


Mrs. Mogul said...

ohhh food blog! I LUV IT! I'll be there!

Paula said...

Hi Elisa
I enjoy reading your blog! I am adding your link to my blog list. By the way, you've been tagged...read more at

Reflections Under The Bodhi Tree-I’ve been tagged!

Shell said...

Hi Elisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think that perfect mom doesn't exist. If she does, she has a nanny, housekeeper, and a chef!!! Hey, I read further how someone actually told you the control the amount of "garbage" on your blog. WTF!! That is crazy. The nerve of some people. Your blog is lovely. I'll be back my fellow New Yorker.

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