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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why shoes are better than computers, and other parenting nonsense

As a mom, I am used to having little personal space. I am used to being interrupted constantly. I'm also used to the fact that my daughters end up copying what I do. So if I spend hours on the computer (and I do), it isn't that strange for them to develop an interest in it. And I'm ok with that. What's annoying is that I now often get nudged to get off the computer because my oldest wants to use it. "How much longer are you going to be?" "Why aren't you using your laptop?" are things I now hear often. (She knows better than to ask to use my laptop - for now.)

They mostly play games on the computer - it used to be Sesame Street and the Teletubbies, now it's mostly Barbie and Nickelodeon. But because in the past we have also downloaded games, I never tire to repeat "don't download anything without asking" and she is pretty good about that - for now. Recently she asked me to create an e-mail account for her. I did. But I'm relived she hasn't used it yet. I dread the day when she will discover chatting, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, the works. Because it's not like I can just hover in the background, watching everything she does. So I figured the best thing I can do is educate her. I found a site, NetSmartz, which is targeted to middle school and high school internet user. Granted, Sarah is a bit young for that, but I figure it's a good place to start. At least she won't find it boring, because it has cool graphics, and it sort of looks like a comic book.

Because really, she is approaching the age when the only way they listen is if they think it's something cool. And that's about the same age when moms, even young moms like me, tend to lose the "cool" factor in the eyes of their kids. Man, I am dreading that day. With Sarah, I need to come up with things like "I can beat you at this Wii game" and such, so I know it's short-lived. But with Stella, I figure as long as I have some great shoes I'll retain the cool factor in her eyes. One out of two isn't so bad. AND I'll make up for lost ground when Sarah hits her teens and wants to borrow said shoes. See? I knew there was more to shoe shopping than fashion: it's a good parenting tool too! At least if you have girls. Moms of boys, you'll have to find another excuse.


Gina said...

My son - at 12 - is pretty much just into Runescape and goofy Youtube videos. But he came home from school one day and said, Hey Mom! Jake said he was on your MySpace page. I about died.

Mommy In Pink said...

Granted my daughter is only 6 months...I think it will be cute when she starts showing an interest in fashion because she is my daughter and no daughter of mine wouldn't be interested in fashion...Looking forward to it!

La Mom said...

Share your secrets...what cool shoes do you have?
Love the picture that accompanies your post btw!

Keely said...

I think it'd be fine if my son shows an interest in my shoes. His father might have a different opinion.

STYLEnosh said...

I'm not a mom but I love the rationale for shoe shopping. I think I may be able to use it with my nieces. :o)

Tornado Shelters said...

This post entertained me. You're not only a funny mom, you're a good writer as we;)

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