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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A random rant is still a rant

Should you shop for the life you want, or the life you have? What about positive thinking? What about wanting to own a perfect dress in case you get a surprise invite to a fabulous restaurant? What about owning a pair - or several - of fabulous heels because you just KNOW that once you can go out without kids more often you'll be wearing heels more again? And what about that gorgeous dress, one size too small, you bough as motivation to lose the one size that stands between you and looking fabulous wearing it? Is this shopping for the sake of it and wasteful, or is it positive thinking?

I'm regretting re-joining Facebook. Because there are some people you don't really want to get back in touch with. Why do I have to explain why not? It's my business. Or maybe not, since I joined Facebook. Is joining Facebook like becoming a celebrity? You have to put up with the sometimes unwanted attention, and if you didn't want to, you just shouldn't have gotten into it?

I don't care if Shopbop (which happens to be one of my fave online shops) calls it "The New Pant" – it's not new. It's been here, it's been done, and it's been gone. And oh how I wish it would stay that way! Seriously designers: please stop looking at the 80s for inspiration. I beg you.

When will I learn? Stick to the good stuff. I get bore easily. It's a marvel that I've been married for 12 years (hi, honey, love you – this is totally a compliment!!) I like to experiment, to try new things (stop, stop, this isn't dirty.) Case in point: I was subscribed to InStyle for 2 years. Loved it. Decided to change and subscribe to Lucky instead. WHY? Why coulnd't I just stick to what I had and liked? DOn't get me wrong, lucky is a good magazine. But it feels less focused, kind of all over the place. I like it, but I prefer InStyle.
And now I'm feeling stupid for even wasting a paragraph on this.

I feel like a bad mom. AP isn't entirely working for me right now. Stella is still not sleeping in her crib, in her bedroom, with her sister, as she is supposed to. She is also not potty trained and not showing any signs of friendly demeanor towards the potty, despite several (admittedly, feeble) attempts. And I think she watches too much TV. And doesn't have a lot of friends her age. When Stella was 14 months old, she still couldn't walk unassisted. Someone told me that the fact that she had passed her first birthday without being able to walk on her own was a sign that I was not a good mother to her. I didn't believe him then, but if he came and pointed to things now I think I just might.

Am I just having a bad day? Probably, but I'm not going to re-read this, or I'll chicken out from posting it.


Barbara said...

"The New Pant" should just go... these 80's fashions were pretty terrible the first time around, they should not be making a come back. I about died when my niece came to Christmas in a jean mini skirt with black leggings underneath. I whispered to hubby, "I rocked that look the first time around."

Keely said...

Uh, what kind of idiot told you THAT? Children learn things in their own time. If she wasn't walking by the time she was two, maybe worry, but otherwise - I bet she was just concentrating on other things, like her verbal skills.

And yeah, those pants should have stayed gone. If they even showed up in the first place.

teahouse said...

Heh, I just joined Facebook as well, and I understand how you feel. There are definitely people I wish didn't see my status updates!

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