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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Countdown to V-Day: subtle hints for your guy (or not so subtle)

V-Day gifts for Her

With less than two weeks to go to Valentine's Day, it's probably a good idea to give the man (or men, if single and juggling ;-)) in your life some idea of what you'd like and what you expect. Poor guys, most of them already have trouble getting us a present for our birthday and at Christmas/Hanukkah, so Valentine's Day and anniversaries just add pressure.

Lift the pressure by gently suggesting some ideas - or casually leave this webpage open on your pc right as he's walking through the door.

1. Flowers: that's a no-brainer, right? Gotta have flowers on Valentine's Day. Buy us a nice enough bouquet and we might just forgive you for not offering to help with the dishes.

2. Chocolate: very nice addition to flowers, and the two together will be enough for many women (me included). Of course at Valentine's Day there are tons of heart-shapes boxes and such, but don't just reach for the box of chocolate you see: if chocolate and flowers are the gift, get the good stuff.

3. Jewelry: it is often said that if a man wants to get lucky, then jewelry is the go-to gift. I can't promise it'll work (and it definitely won't if that's the only reason you's buying jewelry - you know, karma), but I'm pretty sure it'll be appreciated. I like Wendy Culpepper and Fragments, because their pieces are classics, with a twist - and they have a wide range of prices to fit every budget.

4. Accessories: What girl wouldn't like to open a box and find a gorgeous pair of heels in her size? A pair of designer shoes might be a long shot, but how about something a man perhaps finds more useful (never use the word "practical" when talking about clothes/accessories, unless you mean "ugly" and are trying to be diplomatic), like a gorgeous pair of cashmere gloves or lovely silk scarf?

Another option: combine 2. and 4. with these gorgeous chocolate shoes from Gayle's Chocolates:

5. Lingerie: another popular gift for Valentine's Day, for obvious reasons. If that's what you want to gift your gal, then go for it, but make sure it's something classy (if it's something that might be featured in an adult movie, then it's a NO), possibly silk. And only get this if you know the correct size. You might be surprised to know that many women aren't very truthful about their real size ;-)

6. Pampering: a romantic, relaxing, spa weekend is a great Valentine Day's gift. But if that isn't doable, a gift card for a mani-pedi, a couple's massage or a beauty package at a day spa are great too. And so are the luscious, spa-quality sets available nowadays: they smell great and the products are a real treat, and allow you to bring the spa home. My favorite? The sets from Origins. Always a treat.

So... I hope this helps. And remember, if all else fails, flowers and chocolate are always good. Especially accompanied by a lovely dinner... one that she didn't make herself :-)


Kelly said...

Those chocolate heels are too cute to eat! Did you see the mules on that site? Freaking adorable!

darcy said...

I'm obsessed with the polka dots I have a fetish.

Elisa said...

and how could you not! it's chocolate shoes, for g*d's sakes! the two best things combined :-)

FoN said...

This is perfect - thanks! This link is going in an email right...now. Do you do christmas and birthdays too?

Elisa said...

LOL - I might do Christmas, but for birthdays, send him to GiftGirl.com ;-)

Sydney Plumber said...

Wao...Yummy these all are so cute..

Keely said...

We ignore V-Day around our house. I know that sounds kind of grinch-y, but I've never really seen the point...

Although, y'know, chocolate heels might be something I'd buy for MYSELF.

Shoe Luvr said...

Hi Elisa,

I love the chocolate heels! Love your blog as well! We just released an article you and your site's audience may find entertaining and eye-opening:


Would Luv Your Feedback!


newlyweds said...

Great post, I am making a Valentines roundup post and I would love to include this post.

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