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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Better late than never

I just finished cleaning my fridge. I know, it was overdue – but hey, read the title of this post.

Hubs must agree with me, because he came in today and said "Oh, you are cleaning" in a "That's a pleasant surprise" tone (in fact, most of my cleaning gets done during the hour before my husband gets home from work). "Yes, I'm cleaning the fridge" I replied, without looking up, then added "and I'm re-organizing the shelves, just so you know" and turned to look at him. I could sense a "uh-oh" – he avoided my gaze and walked over to Sarah to decorate the cookies they made on Sunday. He hates it when I re-organize. Not hate the result, hate how neurotic I get about keeping it that way. But hey, who wants to do all that work just to see it messed up like it happens to everything else? (which, by the way, is one of the reasons why I hate household chores – they just don't STAY done)

Later on, I showed him the newly-cleaned and organized fridge. "Ooh, nice!" he said, closing it quickly, no doubt trying to avoid me illustrating the new system. Fat chance. I re-opened it, explained him where everything went, while he nodded and rolled his eyes. When I caught the eye rolling I stopped and asked: "Are you going to remember this, or should I make you a flowchart?" Someone else might have laughed. But my husband, knowing I am perfectly capable of doing that, said "No, it's ok" and then quickly left the room, supposedly to go say hi to Stella, but most likely just trying to avoid more fridge talk. I'm onto him.

What about you? I know I couldn't be the only neurotic one. Come on, 'fess up.


Amanda W said...

Yeah, okay, I have to say that I am a lover of all things organized. So, this totally speaks to me. My husband breaks out in a nervous sweat whenever he comes home to find me in some part of the house buried under piles of 'this goes here' and 'that's going there' and 'if you mess this up I'm gonna kick your a$$.'
Is that weird? Nah!

kiki said...

Darn! you put me to shame... I so need to clean out my fridge. I keep telling myself everyday "today I'm going to do a massive clearing", but helas, then I get caught up with something else. :-(
I know there is a tomato sitting at the back of the fridge with frost bite somewhere..weep...

Larissa said...

I too get a special pleasure from organizing and cleaning things out. My husband thinks I'm an alien.

Deborah said...

I love reorganizing things. I make sure to do just that as soon as I know Rod has the current system figured out. Does that make me a bad person? :D

kyrun _q said...

that! was me, say like ten years ago...,organised then be a mombie!!
but now...well...if u cant beat them,join them...so, here I am infront of my computer n surprisingly, the kids seems to know how to pick up things.....

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