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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool finds of the month: January 2009

Here it is again! It's back. There may be no sales in the new edition, but there are some cool things from the web and the blogosphere. Enjoy!

We used to think that fashion and technology were two separate things. Now we know better. And here's the latest example: World-renowned designer Vivienne Tam and HP created the perfect fusion of fashion and technology for the HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition notebook. This gorgeous "digital clutch" is now finally available on HP Direct, starting at $699.99 (U.S.).

Looking for affordable edgy, unique accessories? Check out Love Madds. Madeline Rhodes' pieces are pretty without being boring, girly but with a bit of an edge. And best of all, they are very affordable. I dare you to get just one!

Private sale websites have become increasingly popular, because of the possibility to buy designer and brand items at more affordable prices. The latest addition is RedTagCrazy, where you can score apparel and accessories from popular labels and get $5 off you first purchase, which will already be discounted at 50-80% retail prices. RedTagCrazy says it best on their website: "Quantities are limited, time is limited, and our attention span is limited - so stay awake."

Being single in New York was never as celebrated as it has been since Sex and The City started airing, and now there's a great post-SATC chance for celebration: New York City's Hotel Giraffe offers a Single & Fabulous package for you and friends to celebrate Valentine's Day with brunch, Bloomingdale's discounts, makeup sessions at MAC, and VIP passes to nightclub Marquee.

With more and more people using Wii Fit to get back into regular exercise, it was just a mater of time before someone came up with more gadgets to use in conjunction with it. Riiflex is a not-yet-produced-but-already-promoted dumbbell-like weight to click onto the Wii Remote to add weight to strength training exercises. It may work or not, but you have to admit it's an interesting idea.

Don't buy this for your Valentine, unless you are trying to send a message: the Kissometer is a device that works much like a breathalyzer, except it will rate your "kissability" based on your breath, and gives you one of five possible answers: Kiss me, Possible, Maybe, Risky, and Never.

- A Classic Housewife in a Modern World tells us about blog branding.

- Allison Worthington, beloved author of the popular blog Mrs. Fussypants and Editor in Chief of Blissfully Domestic, has another winner on her hands: Worthington Wire pulls all the latest news in many different fields and topic, including but not limited to: Politics, Pop culture, Healthy Living, Recipes and much more. Follow Allison's updates on Twitter @WorthyWire

- Marie Denee tells us about a vintage store catering to plus-size and full-figured women.

- WhoWhatWear tells us how to update old favorites.

- On Running in Heels, Alison Stewart tells us which jeans to pick for different looks, and how to accessorize them.

- Sue at Happy Meals and Happy Hour shares a helpful video for those of us who want to exercise at home.

That's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to suggest something to be included in the next installment of Cool Finds of The Month, e-mail me or send me a Tweet!


teahouse said...

Wow, that Single and Fabulous package looks pretty tempting.

Keely said...

Bah, I haven't even found a Wii Fit yet and there's already a new hot item? I need to win the lottery to keep up.

bichonpawz said...

I SOOOOOOO want that Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch! How cute is that??? Hmm....and Valentine's Day is right around the corner!! Thanks Elisa! I LOVE your blog!!

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