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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Event Alert: BagTrends Green Arm Candy Party

An event focusing on the most fabulous among eco-conscious handbag designers, as well as "in the bag" essentials like makeup, stationery and small goods.

The event, hosted by BagTrends, will also feature the official NYC launch of EcoStiletto.com. (Yay! Finally!)

Attend this event to enjoy:
- complimentary drinks from a stylish, new liquor company
- Gift Bags* full of in the bag essentials, discounts, books, and more
- A spa/wellness center for guests to indulge in
- Exclusive discounts from your favorite brands and the chance to preview new lines

You may decide to go for the shopping, but will likely decide to stay also for the relaxing hand and shoulder massages, and also for the chance to meet the designers, receive special discounts and enter handbag giveaways!

Where: Union Square ballroom, 27 Union Square West, NYC

When: Monday, April 13th, 6 pm-9 pm

RSVP to RSVP2@BagTrends.com

*actual gift bag is reusable, compostable, fair trade, bag-a-liciously donated by GiveaGreenBag.com and Nepalesepaper.com

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