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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool Finds of the month, March 2009

Barbie talking palette by StilaLeaving it to the last day of the month, eh Elisa? Cutting it kind of close ;-)

Here's this month's Cool Finds post!

One for our pregnant friends: Christian Siriano, Season 4 winner of Project Runway, has designed a line of pregnancy clothing called (what else!) Fierce Mamas, and , you can find it at Moody Mamas. And for designer pregnancy threads without the hefty price tag, check out InStyle Belly. I bet you are feeling lucky to be sporting a bump right now!

How I miss my InStyle subscription! I'm waiting to move before I start a new one. Luckily, InStyle also has lots of great features online, too: like this Spring Trends for Your Shape guide!

Have you seen the new Bonnie collection by Coach? As usual, they are slightly overpriced and a little too small for my taste, but some of them are stunning! Like the jeweled tote, priced at *gasp* $1,000! (bit steep for cotton twill, no?)

You already know how much I love Sephora. My only gripe: too many chemicals, not enough natural brands. Not anymore! Sephora is carrying more and more natural brands, and not just "fake" ones (read: botanical-based but including no-nos like parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate), also fabulously natural ones like Pacifica, which makes fantastic soy candles and essential-oil based fragrances, for those of us allergic to synthetic fragrance. My favorite: Brazilian Mango and Grapefruit - yum.
(If you prefer not to have to read labels, check out Beautorium instead.)

A new magazine has hit... the web. VIVmag, like DuJour, cannot be found on the newsstand, but it can be read online (or downloaded on your computer). The cool part: It's an interactive magazine, which makes the articles much more interesting, like an article on fitness that includes animated exercise moves, or a cooking feature that's the dream of every at-home cook, because it contains a step-by-step video demonstration! Click here for a FREE trial membership.

If you love Rebecca Minkoff's handbags as much as I do, you'll be excited to hear about her new apparel line - drats, now I don't know if I should save for a Nikki or a Tuesday Trench Coat.

Let's talk about shoes: Kate Spade has a lovely, colorful spring collection; SheFinds helps us find great sandals under $100, and the new book (including photographs, sketches, and drawings!! can I get a "squee!"?) about the fabulous Salvatore Ferragamo just came out this month. As PopSugar said, let's put on our reading shoes ;-)

- Shauna from Is it 5 o'clock yet? shares her thoughts on the whole "growing up/getting old" thing.

- The Bloggess gives a great example of why PR people and anyone pitching to bloggers should first read their blogs. (Seriously, please do.)

- Savvy Auntie gives us some ideas to throw the little girls in our lives a Fancy Nancy-themed party.

- Always ready to expand our horizons when it comes to food, Jessie tells us how to make surprisingly delicious eggplant fries.

- The City Sage tells us what online tool is "the human equivalent of a ball of string!"

and last but not least, go here to see Kristen's results on JM's 30-day Shred! Awesome job, Kristen! Great motiovation to the reats of us to get off our... sofas, too ;-)

This end one of my favorite Cool Finds posts! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed compiling it. As usual, if you want to suggest something to be included in the next installment of Cool Finds of The Month, e-mail me or send me a Tweet!


Bluestocking said...

Those are some great finds.

the mama bird diaries said...

I have the same gripe about Sephora. hardly any organic, natural products. They should be taking the lead.

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