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Monday, June 9, 2008

Do you hate Mondays?

How many times have you heard someone utter the sentence "I hate Mondays"? Boomtown Rats dedicated a song to this specific feeling back in the 80s, scientists are looking for a cure, there is even a website dedicated to the collective dislike for Mondays.

Ok, so Monday is not the most popular day of the week. Something must be done to give it a positive spin! Inspired by Jen's I'm Digging It post, I decided to focus on the positive and make my own "I'm digging it" list.

I'm digging:
- that it's only 3 weeks till Summer Break
- that my husband is actually thinking of getting me a notebook (would love some recommendations, BTW)
- that my house is clean today, and has been since Saturday (after Saturday's emergency cleaning)
- that I just received the last book I requested from PaperbackSwap: Janet Evanovich's Lean Mean Thirteen - just on time, since I have already read all the magazines I'm subscribed to and I finished The Yummy Mummy on Saturday! (for those who don't know me well, I MUST have a book to read at all times)
- that my friend K. (yes, the one who justifies my "organizing freak" ways) is coming to New York so I have an excuse to go into town (good for dh, any reason is good for me!)
- and last but not least, I'm really digging that I managed to convert my template to a 3-column one!

Go on now, share yours!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Well done with the template overhaul! It looks fabulous around here.

You can try to make me like something about Mondays, but it won't work. Monday and I are sworn enemies. The end.

Natalie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Your blog looks like it has some great stuff here, so I'm glad I have now found you!

-Bridget said...

Woot! I recently managed to make my blog 3 column too. Only I erased all of my widgets and links in the process. I still don't have everything back on, but by George it's 3 columns!

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