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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Blogger's Survival Kit

There's a new cool blog in the blogosphere: it's . To get it started with a bang, the two lovely ladies behind it are holding a contest where we can win a great kit for any blogger: digital camera, recorder, t-shirt, and more!

You can find the contest here.


-Bridget said...

I just found the Saucy site yesterday. Being a comment love junkie, I'm pretty excited about it. It's also fun to be part of something when it launches. The first blog they spotlighted today was hysterical. Hopefully a lot of the other blogs they highlight will be of that caliber. Make sure you send them your entries so you can be spotlighted too! :-)

Mrs. Romero said...

This is a SITS great post! You just yourself TWO additional contest entries.

Be sure to check back daily to support the featured blogger with lots of comment lovin'! And, if you'd like to be featured, please email us your 3 best links.

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