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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oy, I'm in a sorority

the Sisterood of the Shrinking Jeans
Just kidding :-)
This is actually more fun... and more useful.

I hesitate to discuss my weight issues on my blog, but hey, it is MY blog, so heck, I should be able to share stuff. Without oversharing ;-)

My weight has been an issue ever since my first pregnancy. And the yo-yo dieting that followed (once Sarah had been weaned) didn't help things, I'm sure. I did manage to get almost to my goal weight several years ago by following The Fat Flush Plan (cheesy title, but good program), but a family crisis kind of threw me, and as usual when there are changes in my life, I throw my routines and my needs out the window and just put everyone else first (mommy complex).
The same thing happened when we moved here: Stella was just a baby, Sarah was having a hard time at the new school, my husband was working long hours at his new job... Just recently I started feeling like everyone else was sorted out and comfortable, and it was time to take care of ME (finally!)

Which brings me to: I really need to start exercising and maybe plan my eating better (I don't really want to say "go on a diet"), and I realize the Holidays are upon us, but hey, no time like the present, right?

So I joined the Sisterhood. Because really, a support network goes a long way when you are embarking upon something new, especially something you are dreading a bit. And let's face it, doing stuff together just makes it more fun!

So here I am. Goal: skinny jeans :-)


Amanda W said...

Welcome to the 'hood, sistah.
I'm loving your blog.

The Mom said...

Best wishes on your goal. My goal is to survive another day each night! ;)

zentmrs said...

Good for you! I think the holidays are a great time to start changing your life (I don't like "diet" either) - if we don't do it now, we'll be worse off next month, right?

Good luck reaching those skinny jeans!

Larissa said...

Great goal! Two years ago I made a similar decision, and lost about 30 pounds. Good luck!

ShoeSmitten said...

Way to go! I'm also making the resulution to lose some weight (more importantly, inches) so I can fit better in my skinny jeans and my LBD for New Year's Eve.

Best of luck!

Burgh Baby said...

Good luck!

Scary Mommy said...

Yay for you!! So happy we're all in this together. :)

Gabrielle said...

Well, I broke down and bought the Acai berry tabs. We'll see what that accomplishes with all the other exercise and plain celery. :)


Lori said...

Good for you! Make the commitment and your goal is right around the corner.

You have an award at Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife, by the way. :)

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