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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer time

Ok, not her best song, but I love this video. Though I think that if she had come out with this song this year she would have been crucified for "promoting unhealthy habits" or some similar nonsense. Yeah, we got it, we cannot "soak up the sun", we need to stay in the shade and slater on sunscreen!

Well, my sunscreen is packed. So is my leave-in conditioner (salty water = dry hair = ouch). Yes ladies and gentleman, I'm going on vacation! Every summer we go home (my home, not DH's) to Sardinia, Italy. Before you start saying "You are so lucky" remember that:
a. I will be on an 8-hour flight with a 2-year old and an 8-year old
b. once there I will be surrounded by an Italian family reminiscent of the bride's family on My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Let me guess... not quite as jealous now? Thought so.

See you in 2 weeks!

P.S. Posts will still be coming, courtesy of your truly and Blogger's new scheduling feature; but I won't be able to visit my blogroll, drop Entrecards etc. I'll be back :-)


The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am STILL very jealous! Have the best time ever and come back with lots of stores to tell.

Renaissance Woman said...

I am still a little jealous. But maybe the 8 hour flight might not be so much fun. Have a great time.

Fashion Paramedic said...

Have a SAFE trip!! Take lots of pictures and video for us!! :)

-Bridget said...

Have a great time!

mineraljunkie said...

Hey Elisa!

I finally figured out how to change the colour of the post tags/comments. Have a great trip!

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